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Write Rental Listings That Fill Units Fast!

Whether you’re listing your first property or your 100th, understanding how to write rental listings that attract renters is an important skill. However, many landlords simply don’t understand where to begin. Here are four tips for writing effective rental listings.

Highlight what makes your rental unique.

Even if you own an apartment complex where every unit is similar, each of your rentals has something that makes it unique. Maybe the apartment has easy access to parking. Or maybe the unit is in a quiet back corner, away from main roads. Regardless, it’s important to highlight these unique features when writing a listing. Of course, highlighting the unique features of a rental is even easier if your property is truly one of a kind. Either way is sure to let potential renters know what makes your unit special.

Give as much information as possible.

Your listing is important because it’s the first interaction a potential tenant will have to your rental property. Therefore it’s important to describe the property using as much detail as possible. Some of the basic features to mention are location, amenities, parking, storage space and amount of outdoor area. However it’s really not possible to include too much information on a rental listing, so be as descriptive as possible.

Include high-quality photographs.

You are way more likely to attract a tenant if you include high-quality photographs in your property description. So be sure to include them! Take a wide a range of photos that highlight all of the rooms and angles inside the property. In addition, take pictures of the outdoor amenities if they are desirable. When arranging the photos, imagine taking your potential tenant on a picture tour of the property.

Post your listing online.

If you’re not posting your rental listing online, you’re not really trying to attract a tenant. If you’re still advertising using road signs and newspaper ads you need to get with the times. When people are looking for a place to rent in today’s digital world they go online first. Therefore if you want to find a tenant for your empty units you need to be there too.

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